Brought to you by Glyph of Hitchin


Paperblanks Lyon Florals Collection 2018 12-Month and 2017/2018 18-Month Diaries

These floral designs created in the 1860s for French textiles, would have originally been hand painted or block printed onto paper to create the master pattern from which the textiles were made. Paperblanks have reversed this process and have used a printed version of this lush, intricate design to form the covers of these beautiful diaries.

The Ebony Filigree Floral design is available as day-to-view in 'Mini' size and week-to-view in 'Midi', 'Maxi', and 'Ultra' sizes.

The ivory Filigree Floral is available in 'Mini', 'Midi' or 'Grande' size in week-to-view format.

The 'Slim' diary in this collection is the Floral Cascade design in the standard week-to-view format.